Marcoleta urges Congress to probe into ABS-CBN Corporation’s properties


MANILA, Philippines – Representative Rodante Marcoleta filed a resolution urging the Congress to probe into ABS-CBN Corporation’s properties. Despite the loss of the company’s franchise, the lawmaker is still going after the Lopez family.

Marcoleta of the Sagip party-list were among the chief solons who went against the renewal of the network’s franchise.

In a house resolution that he filed, he questioned the broadcast company’s ownership of its property in Quezon City. The property is the location where the ABS-CBN compound stands.

In a copy of the House Resolution No. 1058 that ABS-CBN acquired, Marcoleta wants probe into the authenticity of the land title. He stated that the company was only able to present a duplicate copy of a 42 square meter lot.

In reality, the ABS-CBN compound occupies a 44,000 square meter lot.

The solon stated that the government has the right to act upon the matter “if upon a final finding [it] is indeed of dubious origin.” He is pertaining to the government’s ability to nullify the company’s land title.

He also stated “that if ABS-CBN’s title was for ‘provisional reconstitution’ then it should explain why said administrative remedy was not even annotated in said owner’s duplicate title.”

Probe into ABS-CBN Corporation’s properties a foreshadowing of grander schemes

Previously, an online conversation of Marcoleta with other lawmakers got people’s attention.

This was due to the allegations that he together with Deputy Majority Leader Jesus Remulla and Rep. Michael Defensor threw against the company.

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They went on about allegations against the Lopez-owned network company and also talked about imposing a fine. They valued the fine at some P1.97 trillion.

More so, they also talked about seizing the properties of the broadcast network.

Meanwhile, Senate President Vicente Sotto III responded in ridicule to the said proposition. He said, “Takeover ABS CBN property?”

Sotto stated that the Constitution protects the concept of private property. “There is a venue, the courts; and there is due process,” he added.

Despite that various government agencies have already addressed the allegations thrown against the broadcast company, Marcoleta maintained that it is the will of the Duterte-dominated Congress that will decide on the matter.

At the end of the day, the 70 lawmakers made mark in history for choosing to silence and disarm a democratic institution.

The palace previously stated that the president was “neutral” on the matter. This was after President Rodrigo Duterte allegedly accepted the apology of the broadcast network for the misunderstanding during the 2016 presidential elections.

The issue stemmed from the network not airing a paid campaign advertisement that the Duterte camp paid for.

However, an audio track of the president’s speech last July 13 accused the network of “lambasting” him. He also said that the network is abusing its political power and “playing God” over the Filipinos’ lives.