Lacson to army chief: Temper your emotions


MANILA, Philippines – Senator Panfilo Lacson told Army chief to ‘temper emotions’ amid Sulu firefight that slained four soldiers. The said shooting happened between the cops and army.

Lacson, a former PNP chief, told Philippine Army Commanding General Lt. Gen. Gilbert Gapay that emotion is the least they need right now.

The lawmaker also said that he “understand how he (Gapay) feels about the Army officers slain in Sulu, emotions running high at this point is the last thing they need.”

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In parallel, the reports that both cops and armies submitted have contradicting narratives.

The police stated that the army tried to escape after cops called them out. In response, the army stated that they identified themselves. They added that they parked in front of the police station.

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Gapay took on the Philippine Army’s Facebook page his demand for a thorough investigation to take place.

He said that he “demands that a full-blown investigation [to] be conducted on the death of four soldiers [at] the hands of PNP forces.”

In a correspondence with CNN Philippines, he accused that the police reports show clear whitewashing.

He said in Filipino, “It’s obvious that the report was whitewashed.”

Gapay also expressed his anger towards the police, accusing them of murder.

Lacson’s take on the matter

The former cop chief said that opposition may use this to add shade on the Anti-terror bill.

Lacson identified such “enemies of the state with legal fronts” using the situation to garner traction.

It is to note that the fire fight in Sulu happened exclusively between the army and police.

Lacson cited the backlash that happened with issues like the Anti-terror bill and the National ID system. He said that the opposition was spreading disinformation in those instances. He claimed that legislators “designed to improve the lives of the people.”