H5N6 avian flu hits Nueva Ecija: DAR

H5N6 avian flu hits Nueva Ecija

The Department of Agriculture said on Monday it had found the highly pathogenic H5N6 strain of avian flu in quails in a town in Nueva Ecija, north of the capital. 

The Department said some 1,500 quail at a farm in Barangay Ulanin-Pitak, Jaen town were infected with the H5N6 “highly pathogenic” avian influenza, a strain of bird flu that can be transmitted to humans.

In 2017, the Department of Agriculture has culled at least 200,000 birds after confirming its first avian flu outbreak in Pampanga province.

To date, a total of 24 laboratory-confirmed cases of human infection with influenza A(H5N6) virus, including seven deaths at time of IHR report, have been reported to WHO from China since 2014.