Experts warn on new COVID-19 risk


MANILA, Philippines – An infectious disease doctor warned that the new COVID-19 may pose greater harm. He reminded people that they should follow pandemic health protocols.

Dr. Edsel Salvana said that it is “very clear our overall cases are ramping up.”

Salvana is a distinguished member of the technical advisory group.

Moreover, the adviser of the Inter-Agency Task Force and the Department of Health stated that citizens should still practice caution.

Salvana released the statement after the Philippines reported 2,434 new COVID-19 cases. This is the biggest single day increase of coronavirus cases, resulting to a total case of 44,254.

The Department of Health acknowledged such spike in virus cases. Moreover, it added that this is due to the relaxed community quarantine.

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It said that a direct factor influencing it is the “increased contact among the population.”

“We’re getting hit with a double whammy of a more infectious virus,” Salvana said through a Facebook post.

He added that there are “more opportunities and hosts for the virus to spread as we open up.”

The case for a new COVID-19

Salvana described the ‘new’ coronavirus as “about three to nine times” more infectious.

“We must all be meticulous with our compliance or [it’s] back to ECQ and many people will die from the virus or starve. No time for fighting among ourselves. Man versus virus. We can do this if we all work together,” he added.

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Researchers from the United States of America have stated that they have obbserved a new mutation of the SARS-CoV-2.

They have observed that the former structure “D614G” has developed a new “spike” on its surface. This ‘new’ coronavirus or “G614” enters the human body faster.