Duterte to serve as lawyer for laglag-bala victims

Notice versus Laglag-Bala Scam

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is offering his service for free to all victims who could fall prey to the “laglag-bala” or “tanim bala” scam.

Notice versus Laglag-Bala Scam

His nod to be a lawyer of laglag-bala victims came after a plea from overseas Filipino worker Merasol Espinosa. “Mayor please be our lawyer wala kaming ibang kakampi, be our lawyer,” Merasol Espinosa said. (Mayor, please be our lawyer, we don’t have any other ally, be our lawyer.)

Quoting Duterte, the Netherlands-based Espinosa said, “Sige I’ll be with you, voluntarily ito ha, (Okay, I’ll be with you, and this is voluntary, okay,) I am your lawyer if that’s what you want.”

Following numerous cases involving the “laglag-bala” or bullet-planting scam, several photos came out in the social media with luggages of travelers bearing stickers which state the following (as an example).

Davao Laglag-Bala


This is to certify that this travel bag was personally packed by the owner and does not contain any bullet or anything illegal. The owner is not a dumb Filipino to put jeopardy his/her travel funded by hard-earned money. The owner likewise disavows responsibility or liability on anything that Philippine airport authorities will claim to the contrary. In case of emergency please contact my lawyer.


Luggage owner: Ms. Gerlyn S. Acedo

“I am a law abiding citizen”

According to Davao Breaking News, Duterte warned all airport personnel, be it in Davao or Manila, to stop planting bullets on luggages of passengers. He said that he will not think twice in ordering a member of the syndicate in swallowing the bullet right in front of their victims.