Since the election campaign of now President Rodrigo Duterte, he already expressed his intentions of raising the salaries of teachers. This is deeply rooted in his goals since his mother personally was also a teacher. Based on is narratives, he has seen how his mother persevered to raised the children and how his mother gave all that he had, getting an insufficient salary in return.

When he won the presidency, the topic of salary increase among teachers seemed to be forgotten. A lot of attention was focused on the increase of salary of those who are working for the military and the Philippine National Police (PNP), and the promise for teachers was shunned, as if not a priority. Thus, the teachers have to wait for their time to be given attention.

Yesterday, just when President Duterte arrived at the country after a five-day State Visit at Russia, he once more mentioned the much-awaited increase for the public school teachers. He emphasized that the government is currently making all its efforts to grant the need of the teachers finally.

“Mas marami ang teachers, my God, pero nandiyan po, darating ‘yan, this year,” he stated in front of the reporters.

As to the exact date of beginning the increase, there is no specific date given; he said “If I give you the timeline, tapos I could not make it on the deadline, I have to explain more than what is expected of the government. Mas mabuti na ‘yang nandiyan na, sinasabi ko, nandiyan na ‘yan,” with such renewal of promise, a lot of people, specifical teachers, cannot help but to look forward and feel excited about it.

“Basta sinasabi ko, may increase din sila. That I’m very sure of,” the strong assurance and conviction of President Duterte is something that teachers now and holding on to.

After the press release of the Department of Education about the minimal budget given to the branch of the government, teachers were hopeless about the increase. But now, as it already came from the President, it is something that ignited the hope of the teachers.

The current salary of an entry-level public school teacher falls under Salary Grade 11, which is about P20,754. With this amount, it is hoped that the promise of increase would materialize. This will be an advanced Christmas Blessing to all public school teachers out there because they are assured that as the upcoming New Year comes, a new bundle of blessings in the form of an increased salary is about to happen. After all, it is high time to give what is due to one of the noblest professions there is, the teaching profession.