Build Build Build! Clarin Bridge Loay, Bohol Started the Implementation


The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Secretary Mr. Mark Villar attended March 19, 2018, ground-breaking for the construction of the Clarin Bridge across the scenic Loboc River in Loay, province of Bohol. This project is a part of the “BUIL BUILD BUILD” program being implemented by the current administration headed by the President Rodrigo R. Duterte.

Mark Villar in Loay, Bohol to groundbreak Clarin Bridge
Sec. Mark Villar visited Loay, Bohol to groundbreak the construction of a resilient Clarin Bridge across scenic Loboc River in Loay, Bohol Province. #BuildBuildBuild (Photo courtesy: Mark Villar Facebook page

This project has been put under scrutiny most especially because it was one of the questions in the recently held Bb.Pilipinas 2018 where the candidate, Sandra Lemonon failed to answer the Question and Answer portion where she was asked about her insights on the Build Build Build program. She bravely responded that she had reviewed a lot of the competition and yet the question is something that she is now knowledgeable about. And with this being said, a lot of internet citizens (netizens) shared their arguments and sentiments about the information being disseminated by the government regarding this project.

But what is the Build Build Build program? This is part of the President’s 10-point Socioeconomic Agenda to reduce the poverty rate from 21.6% in the year 2015 to 13%-15% by the year 2022. This includes the increase in the number of infrastructures as well as the development of industries that will revenue strong growth across the entire Philippines (with 8.9 trillion budget for the years 2017–2020). Synonymously, it also aims to create jobs and uplift the lives of Filipino citizens in general.

Although some experts expressed their contradiction and doubts of this program due to its underlying “chronic” downsides, still the government is still true and firm to its stand that this is going to be the biggest step that the administration can make for the citizen. In fact, this is said to be the “lasting legacy” that the president could contribute to the society on his leadership as the president of the country.

Such Build Build Build program manifested by the ground-breaking of the Clarin Bridge in Loay Bohol attended by Mr. Mark Villar, the DPWH secretary, is a clear sign that the government is serious about the implementation, supervision, and completion of different infrastructure projects under this program. In the long run, the citizens can already enjoy all the conveniences and benefits of such changes in the programs and systems. Although it may be difficult to begin at first and to maintain the consistency, with proper supervision and management of the people in the authority, this is going to be a successful project.