Social Distancing Not Enough?: New study finds COVID-19 can travel 13 feet by air


A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that coronavirus can travel through the air for at least 13 feet, twice as far as in the social distancing guidelines.

“The aerosol distribution characteristics… indicate that the transmission distance of [the novel coronavirus] might be 4 meters,” the report published in the federal agency’s Emerging Infectious Diseases journal.

Aerosol transmission happens when droplets become so fine that they end up being suspended in the air. Diseases transmitted through aerosols are also known as “airborne.”

The research further found out that the infection could spread through people’s shoes.

“Half of the samples from the soles of the ICU medical staff shoes tested positive… Therefore, the soles of medical staff shoes might function as carriers,” the report says.

Therefore, medical frontliners have to observe stringent disinfecting measures to prevent spreading the virus from hospitals.

The said study taken air samples from hospital wards occupied by COVID-19 patients.

It is not yet definite, though, how infectious the COVID-19 is after travelling a 13-feet distance.

As reported by the New York Post, “The CDC recommends 6 feet for social distancing, while the World Health Organization claims just 3 feet should be enough, less than a quarter of the distance the current study suggests it spreads.

The Department of Health is yet to issue an announcement or guidelines on these new findings.

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