Practical Remedies Right Under Our Noses


There has been a modernization trend going on in several aspects of our lives that we have almost forgotten that there are some natural remedies that we can use. Some of them are practically right under our noses – inside our kitchen cupboards, or just outside the house just waiting to be plucked and used for such purposes. With the growing trend to go back to nature, it is high time that we re-discover some rather unorthodox solutions to common, everyday problems that we run to the doctor for medication.

Practical Remedies Right Under Our Noses
Boost Your Immune System with Garlic Infused Honey (recipe) | Photo credits to Natural Cures

Aloe vera. Usually found in your gardens or potted, aloe vera is a virtual natural cornucopia of remedies. Place it around the house and it will absorb toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde right off. Got a nasty burn from your kitchen chores? Tear off a thick strand from the plant and rub the gel-like inside onto your scathed or burned area for an immediate topical cooling agent. Hair needs a quick shine, volume or just problematically dry? Squeeze the insides of the plant onto water and use it to massage your scalp and hair for instant results!

Garlic. While it is true that munching on garlic can cause malodorous breath, it does give you a lot of medical benefits. If you have a toothache, just crush one garlic and then put it on the teeth. The taste would be a bit bothersome but the chemicals in the garlic would soon numb your nerves and ease the pain. Eating garlic would also lower your heart disease risk and lower blood pressure levels as well.

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Honey. A topical wound would be soothed by applying honey directly on it. A tablespoon or two before sleeping would also help you to relax and sleep better as it makes for a restorative sleep. Taking in honey any time of the day would result in an instant energy boost as it can supply you with energy. It also is helpful in regulating blood sugar levels.

Vinegar. Nowadays, apple cider vinegar gets the limelight but any kind of natural vinegar would do wonders for your health. It can help you maintain a good weight level and would also help you to bring down high cholesterol levels as well as high blood pressure levels. Diluting vinegar in water can also help you to treat bee stings and other insect bites as it can inhibit the inflammation. It will sting and smell a bit but it is effective.

Lemons. Stringent-tasting lemon gets a lot of flak for its taste but it does wonders for the body. Not only is it a good source of vitamin C, it is also good to normalizing the pH level of your body. Adding lemons to your warm water induces peristalsis leading to bowel movement that flushes out toxins from your body. It also is a good natural substitute for soda and also helps you to lose weight.

These natural remedies help you to become healthier and help you to avoid costs from going to the doctor. Not only are they effective but also economical in a sense. Nature has given us several ways to heal ourselves, let us be mindful of these things so we can become better individuals overall.