The Dark Side of Wireless Fidelity (That’s Wi-Fi to you people)


While there have been several studies which backed up claims that there will be some effects to people if they sleep with their phones under their pillows or near their heads, nothing has been as elucidating as what the 9th grade students did after experiencing some difficulty in concentrating. Come to think of it, don’t you notice that if you sleep with your phones near your head, you do not wake up refreshed but feel as if there is a slight buzz?

While it may be simple in scope and in materials used (in fact, the students used 400 cress seeds divided over six trays that were placed in two separate rooms – with each room being kept at the same temperature and the seeds being given an equal amount of water and access to sunlight) the results were quite astounding and highly alarming.

Why alarming? Well, remember that the rooms were kept in the same condition throughout the conduct of the experiment? The significant difference being in the fact that in one room, the trays were placed near two Wi-Fi routers turned on – which approximates the simple radiation that our phones receive when we are near them and when we sleep with our gadgets on our bedside table or under our pillows or near our heads.

After twelve days, the results came out quite stunningly. The cress seeds in the room where there were no Wi-Fi routers in sight flourished, looking to be healthy and ready to propagate. However, the ones in the room with Wi-Fi exposure were stunted and even showed signs of mutation and also of wasting away. The difference between the two rooms was so significant that it reinforced the belief among the students that there are certain hazards involved in sleeping with your phone near your head. Imagine the seeds were your brain cells – they would have been fried or would have been damaged beyond repair if you have been sleeping with your phone under your pillow or near your bedside table.

The girls stated that now that they have proven that there is indeed a detrimental effect to their health with the proximity of their gadgets when they sleep, they no longer sleep with their phones nearby – in fact, they now make sure that their phones are either out of their room or are quite far from their heads. They now also make sure that their computers are turned off just to be on the safe side of things since they surmised that their PCs emit the same amount of radiation.

The results of the girls’ experiment prodded other biologists and scientists to come out and support their research results. In fact, there’s an expert from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm who would be replicating the experiment so that he can further support the findings of the girls. Professor Olle Johansson stated that the girls’ experiment stayed within their knowledge and their sphere but came up with something that was truly elegant. He further stated that in the future, he would not hesitate to work with these ladies who have shown him in particular their own brand of intelligence and smarts.

Now that there is a simple experiment that proves how dangerous it can be to sleep with your gadgets pretty near you at night, would you still be doing it? Or would you do as the girls did? And take the necessary steps to prevent such problems from rearing its ugly head in the future?