Amazing Paragis – Nature’s Silent Healer


We really do not pay it no heed. We really pay it no mind. We only know that it sprouts and is considered as a weed by some people. What we do not know is that this kind of grass actually has several medicinal qualities that are amazing and might even hold much more potential. It is slowly coming to the limelight as a miracle drug for so many illnesses, it is going to be entertaining to find out what else it can do and what other ailments it can be effective against. Even Department of Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol is advocating its use – and that alone should tell you something.

Paragis plant

What is paragis? Paragis is a weed that grows abundantly along riverbanks, roadways and other settled areas throughout the country. It is an annual grass which measures anywhere from 10 centimeters to a meter in height with leaves that are from 10 to 30 centimeters long.

Previous researches have stated that the plant is considered as a diuretic as well as an antihelminthic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. The whole plant can be used for medicine – its roots can be eaten raw, the leaves and stems can become the basis for a decoction and the seeds can also be eaten and used for other mixtures as well.

It is a rather versatile plant which other cultures have used as an answer to various simple problems.

Health benefits of paragis. Paragis is a widespread weed that has the scientific name, Eleusine indica and is commonly known as wire grass, goose grass or dog’s tail. It may also be known as the ever popular carabao grass. The plant is slowly gaining popularity after some people posted on social media the purported uses and benefits of paragis tea. It also showed what appears to be a serious ovarian cyst that the person was able to pass from her body after drinking the decoction. That in itself was amazing and it certainly piqued the curiosity of so many people who have suddenly become interested in everything about paragis.

Here are some of the health benefits of paragis which have been reported and have been backed up by science. Remember though that while medicinal plants can absolutely help, it might be different doses for different people.

Parasitism. If you have intestinal parasites, you’ll be glad to know that drinking a decoction of the paragis would be effective since it is a great laxative that would flush out the parasites from your system.

Fever. Drinking a decoction made from the roots of the paragis would be an effective way to reduce your temperature. You do not need any paracetamol anymore as you just have to boil and drink it.

Wounds. All you need to do is to pour your decoction directly over the wound as the decoction has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Urinary tract infection. UTI is easily cured with a decoction of paragis leaves. Simply boil it, and drink it when it has cooled enough for immediate relief.

Dandruff. Mixing minced leaves and stems with aloe vera or gugo or coconut oil and using the resultant mixture to massage your scalp would be a good way to control your nasty dandruff.

Ankle sprain. Place some minced leaves with oil on the affected area and put a bandage over it and you’ll experience some fast relief.

Kidney problems. As a natural diuretic, paragis would help you retain water in your body and help you to expel salt as urine. Drink a decoction of the plant and be relieved.

There are definitely other uses of paragis. And it seems that with a lot more attention being brought about by the social media post, it would soon be the subject of medical studies aching to integrate the plant into medicines. It is good to know that there are several uses of the plant that we do not take notice of as it grows pretty much everywhere.