Rappler Loses 30,000 Facebook Fans in 4 Days after Attacking Mocha Uson

    After attacking Mocha Uson, netizens began to campaign against Rappler.


    (Update as of 7:48 a.m., Oct. 13) Rappler and Rappler CEO Maria Ressa came under fire from fans after attacking singer-dancer Mocha Uson in an article How Facebook algorithms impact democracy — and cost more than 33,000 of Rappler’s Facebook fans in just four days.

    Ressa claimed that Mocha Uson grew her Facebook page with sex advice and sessions in the bedroom with her all-girl band, the Mocha Girls.

    She even called Mocha’s Facebook page the lynchpin of a sophisticated pro-Duterte propaganda machine. She elaborated that Mocha Uson gives instructions for supporters to follow other Duterte political advocacy pages and supporters as well as anonymous blogs.

    Maria Ressa’s outlandish smears were not without consequences. Before her anti-Mocha Uson article, Rappler had an outstanding 2,984,093 fans on October 8 (Saturday).

    Total Facebook Fans of Rappler
    Total Facebook Fans of Rappler as of October 12, 2016

    Four days later, Rappler has only 2,950,554 fans. That’s a loss of 33,539 fans, as of October 12. Instead of a positive change, Rappler now has a negative change day by day, which is very bad for business. Losing thousands of fans/followers means a lot to business. And if this trend continues, Rappler will lose a lot not only in its fans but also in its revenue.

    Calculating the 4-day average for the negative change, Rappler is expected to lose around 250,000 fans in one month.

    Growth of Total Fans for Rappler
    Growth of Total Fans for Rappler [-5,570 (Oct.9); -15,916 (Oct. 10); -7,328 (Oct. 11); -4,725 (Oct. 12)]

    The significant decrease of fans came after it is being undermined by the #UnlikeRapplerChallenge and #UnfollowerRappler campaigns.