WATCH: Violence and Misbehavior of Students from Digos City National High School caught on Video

WATCH: Violence and Misbehavior of students from Digos City National High School caught on Video

Are school officials or parents aware of the actions for the misbehavior of these students? Or are they just tolerating these kinds of incident?

On June 10, 2015 (Wednesday), violence and misbehavior of highschool students are caught on video. The clip was originally posted by Facebook user KiiruBiiÿ Jerk, it has gone viral on the buzzing world of internet.

The video displays students who are seen fighting and hurting one another. These students were from Digos City National High School.

As of the moment, the video hits at 18,087 Views, 609 likes and 335 shares.

The caption reads: “DIGOS CITY NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL’s students (Gusto nilang sumikat siguro kasi kinunan pa ng video ang maganda nilang pinag-aralan)”

As seen in the video, two girls are battering and beating each other. Ironically, instead of the others to take role in stopping the clash, most of them are still sarcastically elevating the two to still continue the fight.

The netizens are mostly annoyed on the misconduct of these students. Some said that the school officials must take the necessary actions for them and the rest said that the Department of Education must also be aware of these happenings around the country.

The video seems like a representation of the poor moral fiber of the teens in our society nowadays.