WATCH: NAIA 3 police smashes taxi window to get driver’s license

NAIA 3 Police

Excessive force by airport police came to roost in NAIA 3 when a taxi driver refused to give his driver’s license because he felt abused for his situation.

As this amazing video shows, driver of an MGE taxi with plate number UVS-702 presented no threat to police when the latter smashed through the car window, and forced the driver to give his license. This is the full version of the video, which also features the driver calling the NAIA 3 police to explain the situation.

That video was published by passenger Grace Fabie on her Facebook. The stop occurred on December 12, 2014 when Fabie attempted to go home with the said taxi with her mom who arrived Friday afternoon.

NAIA 3 Police

As the video shows, the taxi driver was pulled over for a violation. When the cop asked the taxi driver to surrender his driver’s license, he explained that the previous taxis have also violated of the same violation by loading passengers in the no loading area, and insisted into moving his car. The driver also made mention that they should be apprehended first before him. After a heated argument, that’s when the cop started slamming on the glass window on the driver’s side until it got smashed into pieces.

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