Video: Man Jumps Off EDSA-Timog Flyover

Man Jumps Off EDSA Timog Flyover

A man was rushed to a hospital on Wednesday, September 3, after jumping off the EDSA-Timog flyover in Quezon City past 5 p.m.

Man Jumps Off EDSA Timog Flyover

The man, who was wearing a pair of shorts and seemingly not in his right mind, climbed the railings of the flyover and stayed there for several minutes.

The rescue team laid out rescue air cushion below the flyover to try to catch the man but failed to do so.

In a video first uploaded by Arya Jose on her Facebook, the man is seen at first hanging the railings of the flyover, but ran a few steps and jumped off the flyover avoiding the rescue air cushion.

According to Arya Jose, the owner of the viral video, “I remember seeing the guy being taken away in a stretcher. Not too sure if he is still alive. But it’s a really scary thing to witness.”

The man was immediately rushed to East Avenue Medical Center, reports said.

Some netizens commented that the rescue team was lousy to catch the unidentified person. As seen in the video, only few helped in catching the person. When the man ran avoiding the rescue air cushion, the rescue team stood still thus failing to catch him.

Police said the unidentified man attempted to commit suicide over a marital problem.