UV Express driver almost hits motorcycle while recklessly changing lanes


Road rules and regulations are in place because we do not have enough enforcers to look after each road, each intersection and each thoroughfare. It is also the reason why we have the painted lines and road signs – they have to be observed by each and every person who totes a driver’s license. It is a given that with the driver’s license, drivers would know the reasons behind each sign and indicator on the road.

There is something that we call proper road decorum and it makes for smooth driving and safe transits. Road rage is also a pretty common occurrence nowadays because we see so many people who disregard road rules and do not respect the unspoken rules of the road. However, if people disregard these unspoken rules, then problems would surely arise.

Exhibit A for January 15 happens to be the social media post of Paolo Razo who nearly lost his life because of a UV Express that suddenly swerved onto his lane. It was a good thing that Razo had lighting-quick reflexes and had a Go-Pro camera attached to his helmet thereby showing that he is in this case, in the right side of the argument. Had Razo not reacted quickly, he probably would have been a statistic, a casualty on the road that he undeniably respects.

Granted that he nearly got sideswiped – the video clearly shows that the UV Express disregarded the hardline (the unbroken centerline on the road that denotes no overtaking and no swerving) as it overtook another vehicle – it was within his rights to run after the driver to express his dismay. Had you been in his position, you would have probably done the same – and of course, you would also be angry – probably still shaken up by the near-death encounter on the road.

When Razo turned back to locate the offending driver, what probably ticked him off was the seemingly nonchalant attitude of the drive towards the incident. The driver, who happened to be a member of the third sex – a lesbian, based on her actuations and demeanor, did not even deign to ask for an apology outright. Naturally, Razo got pissed off – I mean, who wouldn’t be? – he nearly got killed and the offending driver is acting nonchalantly – like almost nothing happened. He shouted invectives and slammed a part of the vehicle. The driver reacted as well, spewing her own tirade of invectives and calling someone on her phone.

Obviously, things could have escalated – physically, emotionally – fast but fortunately, the two parties separated – although as reluctantly as can possibly can. Is it good to say, cooler heads prevailed? I don’t necessarily think so but in this case, it is entirely possible.

This should serve as a reminder to all drivers out there – when we are on the road, we are to be responsible not only for our vehicles but for our actions as well. We must observe proper decorum and the road rules that govern each and every vehicle on the road. It does not matter if you drive a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, what is important is that you would be respectful of the road.

Remember, the road is a mistress that claims thousands of lives every year. Its appetite is insatiable and it does not choose whomever it claims. We can only be subjective of her whims and we have to respect her as much as possible.

Remember, rules are in place to be followed, not to be broken – not to be bent, not to be taken for granted.