Unexpected Valentine’s Day Surprise: Two Men Fight Over Wife


Well, today is Hearts’ Day all over the country and we have been looking smug because we have crowded to the malls spending time with our loved ones. (For sure madaming bitter na singles but that is another story) We have showered them with the attention, the gifts and the re-assurances of our undying love. Love is in the air and we are sure to feel it in our bones until the weekend, the weather be damned. Love, love, love as one famous media personality is fond of saying.

However, today is probably the day that one man from Davao would probably remember for the rest of his life. This is the day, (out of all days) when he found out that his beloved wife is cheating on him with another man. And to make matters worse, he found out where they were having a tryst on this day of all days.

Naturally, emotions are on a high. It must be the proverbial, man seeing red or vision going dark (whatever you prefer, bahala na kayo, basta nagdilim ang paningin for sure), discovering that his wife is shacking up with another man. Sa lahat naman nang maaaring mangyari, ito pa, di ba? Nakakapag-init ito ng bait dahil nasagasaan ang ego ng isang macho. For men, the macho image has to be protected and finding out that he has been scorned (naiputan sa ulo, nasalisihan, naiputan, choose your poison) is one of the worse things he could ever encounter.

It wasn’t surprising that there was a confrontation. Sino ba namang lalaki ang matutuwa nyan? Sino bang lalaki ang hindi makikipagsuntukan? Well, fists flew – natural, gulong sa putikan, rambol sa gitna ng kalye, walang pakialamanan. Neighboring people, were naturally worried, perhaps because they knew it might escalate into something more serious (apparently, it is okay if its only fisticuffs – mano a mano – but there were concerns it might end up in a murder) repeatedly asking for the police, for the barangay and whoever could possibly placate the two men.

Things were at a standstill when it got heated once again with the arrival of the woman in question (to be fair, the girl is quite a looker in her own way, but we digress) as she tried to separate the two combatants. Well, it didn’t turn out the way she expected as her erstwhile husband (well, I wouldn’t be surprised if he decides to separate from her, though stranger things have happened) got heated up once again, (sumulak na naman, in local parlance) and tried to have another go at his wife’s paramour. Of course, the usual invectives were being thrown (cover your ears, there’s a lot of bleeping going on) though both sides have clearly lost steam.

In the end, well, love may have won (in one way or the other, I wish I could really point it out) as the woman was able to separate the two people who were fighting over her (teh, haba ng hair mo – though not in a good way as bashers were quick to point out). The rest, is up to your usual imagination – we have no idea how things turned out after the video ended. We just hope that things would be better for the parties involved. As they say, past is past but still when the male ego is bruised, there might be some interesting things happening. Let us just hope for the best for all those involved, but most especially to the guy who found out the very sad truth on this day of days.