College girl gets a taste of her own karma after offering herself to a guy who has GF


We have all heard that karma has a way of getting you back when you least expect it. It is the universal law and it seems all of us are bound by it. No matter how we call it, we would always fall under her spell.

One rather sexually freewheeling liberal girl who has been looking for some action found this the hard way when she inadvertently chatted up with what she thought of was a gorgeous hunk she had been eyeing. She was pretty open and suggestive, dropping hints about what she would like to transpire when they meet after her classes are over. She was trying to be a little bit demure but you know how it is when women are dropping suggestive hints to their chat mates. Innuendos and double meaning statements are bound to happen.

She was looking for some action, trying to hook the guy with what she thinks is a charming way to get to his heart. She even compliments the guy’s girlfriend for being such a good looker as well, probably trying to line herself up to his standards. She even goes to suggest that she would like to be an item with the guy – and the guy makes it as if he bites for her charms. And thus hilarity ensues with the succeeding message exchanges.

While the girl was probably getting excited with the prospect of bedding the guy – of all places, Sogo Hotel in Sta. Mesa – what came after only proved that there are men out there who are really trusting and respectful of their relationships. Remember this, the ultimate sign of respect that a man can bestow upon his girlfriend (aside from being a gentleman, of course) is for him to have her use his smart phone (know the passwords and other stuff as well) and access all his messages any time she wants. This is because he knows he doesn’t have any kind of secrets he would have to afraid of. And in this case, the liberated woman got a taste of her own medicine.

Not so subtly giving away that she is sexually experienced, dropping the hint that she knows a lot of things that could stimulate bedroom pleasure, she pursues the things that the guy would be doing with her. Unknowingly, she got herself lured into a trap, probably getting the shock of her life when she saw the next messages – showing some rather unpleasant equipment (not the ones she would definitely wanted to be used on her, that much I can assure you) and a rather pleased (or was it pleasantly pissed off?) girlfriend sporting a kitchen knife with a Cheshire cat grin on her face. The sexually liberated girl chatting up the “guy” probably has her legs uncomfortably crossed after seeing and noting the implied threat. This is not a girl you would want to trifle with. This is a woman who wouldn’t be scorned and would let herself and her relationship be dragged into a ditch by women seeking to destroy partnerships through their promiscuity.

Read their conversation until the end:

Tricia Grace Torres 1
Tricia Grace Torres 2
Tricia Grace Torres 3
Tricia Grace Torres 4
Tricia Grace Torres 10
Tricia Grace Torres 5
Tricia Grace Torres 6

When the conversation was posted over at social media links, the unknown promiscuous woman probably wet her pants because her epic fail turned out to be a source of humor for a lot of internet users. She did get her own fifteen minutes of fame, but not in the way she imagined it to be. Definitely, karma is a B-TCH and has gone digital as well for the whole world to see.