A Sexy Beautiful Girl Caught Pooping in Public in Manila

A sexy beautiful girl inked poos in a public road.


If you are ever caught short in broad daylight and decide you really must relieve yourself behind a parked car, it’s probably a good idea to make sure there isn’t a CCTV camera nearby.

This beautiful and sexy girl decided to do so in Brgy. 617, Bacood, Sta. Mesa.

First, it was the man who urinated onto the wall. Then the man got an umbrella and used it to cover the girl as she pooped behind their parked car. Both were laughing the entire time they were urinating and pooping outside Chua’s house, and then left.

YouTube user, Rollie Chua posted the CCTV video footage online to express his disgust.

Itong dalawang bastos nato ay umihi at dumumi sa tapat ng bahay ko sa Masikap St. Cor. Dangal St. … mga 5 to 6 pm kuha ito. Maganda ka pa naman pero para kang aso kung saan saan ka umiihi at dimudumi sh** ka!!!

[Translation: These two rude (persons) urinated and pooped in front of my house in Masikap St. Cor. Dangal St. … taken around 5 to 6 pm. You are beautiful but you’re like a dog who urinates and shits just anywhere. You’re a bulls**!!!]

Chua and company are heard saying their comments about the video.

Man: Hindi kasi taga-rito… Pag taga rito yan, alam nilang may CCTV dyaan.

They were exclaiming in disbelief because the girl is pretty.

Man: O pagkagandang babae, o ayan o mestisa pa. … Pang-artista e.

The man even pointed out the obvious underwear of the girl as evidence of the bad behavior.

Man: Makikita nyo mamaya yung panty at tsaka yung ano… Nakakahiya, dyan pa gumawa ng katarantaduhan e. … Ayan o, kitang kita o.

According to them, the area is quiet, that’s why they chose to urinate and poop there.

Woman: Oo kasing parang ang tahimik doon e.

They also confirmed that it was really human feces and not dog manure.

What Does The Law Say?

Can the police charged them with excreting in a public place?

The Anti-Littering Law, MMDA Regulation No. 96-009, includes the prohibition of urinating, defecating, spitting in a public place. Penalties for breaking the law can include a Php500 fine or 8 hours of community service in a day.

For sure the authority will be able to identify them from the very visible plate number of their car, as seen from the CCTV camera footage.

Call of Nature or Uncivilized behaviour?

Judge for yourself.

Watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THbZkRgDwEw