Senator’s own company made Leyte houses with substandard materials, netizen says

Complaint about Lyete houses

An Indiana netizen is seeking help in looking for a good Leyte based lawyer for his brother-in-law after residents have complained that the materials used in building houses for ‘Yolanda’ survivors in Leyte are substandard.

Complaint about Leyte houses
Screengrab from Malcom Conlan’s Facebook Wall (See his Facebook account here)


Chris McIntosh, in his message to Malcolm Conlan, said that his brother-in-law recently purchased a new built home to move into with his wife and their newborn baby, but noticed that the materials and handy work for the building are substandard.

The couple paid PHP1 million for the home and when they requested that the construction company repair the issues, they were stalled and eventually told no. Chris even narrated that the whole subdivision of families have a similar situation.

Residents of this subdivision site are complaining of substandard materials and sloppy construction work by a building contractor owned by a senator.

“Many of the families are afraid to take action because the company is owned by a senator and they fear that he may take actions to harm them or their families,” he said.

“I am looking for an attorney who is willing to fight for these families and who will not be bought out,” he added. “Maybe someone who is willing to message me privately so we can discuss options.”