Pinay inspires netizens through her ‘Sky Flakes Diet’

Kimberly Marie Gallanero, through sharing her journey as she tried to lose weight for a year, inspired thousands of Filipino netizens to do the same.


Let’s face it. Society ridicules fat people because of their condition. In fact, “Overweight people have a condition that is unacceptable in our society,” said obesity researcher Dr. Kelly Brownell. However, unlike being born deaf or blind, fat people can decide whether or not to change their condition through diet and exercise.

In the case of a Facebook user named Kimberly Marie Gallenero, she was able to lose a sheer number of weight exactly because of the ridicule she was receiving from other people. She shared that a year ago, people call her names, like “baboy, taba, tabachoy, aparador, pader,” always ask her why she is fat and even tell her that there is no hope that she will get thin. She defended that she was fat because she had a knack on eating.

“Before kasi mag-didiet ako pero 1linggo lang kasi masarap ulam. Masisisi mo ba ko kung masarap luto ng mommy at ate ko? Hindi ko rin alam kung may pag-asa ba talaga ko na pumayat kasi wala eh. Ang hirap. Ang laki ko sobra. Masarap kumain,” Gallenero shared in her Facebook post.

Taken from Kimberly Marie Gallenero's Facebook Profile

She also added, “Down na down ako nung sinabi nila yun sakin. Pero thank you sakanila kasi kung hindi nila sinabi yun sakin? Malamang hindi ko ipupush baguhin tong katawan ko.”

Gallenero decided to eat less despite all her cravings and seeing her family eat more and delicious foods. In another Facebook post, she indicated the diet plan she followed to lose weight:

Taken from Kimberly Marie Gallenero's Facebook Profile

After a month of successfully following her diet plan, Gallenero continued to motivate herself. February 2, 2016 marked the first year of her journey in losing weight. She posted her success to inspire other people.

“I just want to inspire and motivate other people na feeling nila porket mataba sila eh forever na. Wala pong forever! At, hindi porket mataba eh pangit na,” she pointed out.

She thanked the Lord and the people who ridiculed her. According to her, if it not for them, she could not have achieved being thin now.

As of writing, Gallenero’s post has reached 60,000 likes, 15,000 shares and 14,500 comments.

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