Photo of KFC Manager Christopher Sengseng goes viral on Facebook

Christopher Sengseng

A handsome stolen shot of KFC Manager Christopher Sengseng serving gravy at NLEX branch has gone viral on Facebook, attracting almost 20,000 likes since it was uploaded on social media site on Sunday, April 19.

Christopher Sengseng

Christopher Sengseng was married to Myhlles Anne Estacio but that didn’t stop thousands of women swooning at his picture.

Lavinia Herbert posted it alongside other stolen shots with a caption “Kuya patikim naman ng gravy….”

No previous stolen photo of a KFC manager or a crew has garnered so much attention like this.

It has so far been “liked” by more than 19,700 people, has been shared 2,300 times and has hundreds of comments.

Many were from admirers, throwing in countless jokes about tasting his ‘gravy.’ Others commented that seeing the photos are a blessing to them so no one should deny the branch of KFC where Christopher is currently working.

One commenter wrote: “Saan to? Nang makapagpabuhos ng gravy sa buong katawan!!! Manok lang peg!”

One user said: “Kung ganiyan ba naman kasarap ang gravy eh hindi na ako ever bibili ng chicken sa KFC.”

Another user said: “Wag ipagdamot kung saang branch yan share your blessings.”

Christopher- Sengseng - KFC Manager at NLEX branch

Christopher Sengseng graduated from Angeles Foundation University.