OFW Stories: The Real Situation of Evelyn Lumeran Bodiongan

The Real Situation of Evelyn Lumeran Bodiongan

Most of us take for granted that a lot of our fellow countrymen toil outside of the country to feed their families. Most of us do not really mind their sacrifices as we unfortunately see them as milking cows – as ATMs, as banks – that would dispense cash and branded products upon demand, not really thinking of their plight, of their sacrifices, of the long hours and the sleepless nights. We really do not think that some of them suffer physical and verbal abuses.

That is, until we hear of their cases via social media and all that we could do is to share and pray that the right people get to hear about them and do something about it.

Just like the case of Ms. Evelen Lumeran Bodiongan who is currently being physically abused and detained in the comfort room of the household she is currently attached to. She hasn’t been fed for days and her salary is not being paid in full – she was asked to sign a document that reduced her 1500 Riyal salary to 1000 Riyal – surely a deal that is illegal in every sense of the word.

She has so far asked for help through her social media account and has documented her plight for her family members to start a campaign that would hopefully get her freed from her situation. She is currently in IBN HILAL AL MUQADDISI, Al SUWAIDY, RIYADH, one of the places where there is a lot of Filipino expatriates working in households and various industries. Her current employer is listed as MOUDHI ABDUL AZIZ SAUD AL- SUBAIE

What is concerning is she being given the run-around by the PHILIPPINE EMBASSY which is supposed to be the one who would take care of their concerns. She has been able to make a call to the Embassy but has been told to report to the Duty Officer of the attached recruitment agency that took her in. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! A Filipina is asking for help and officials are not doing their jobs right!

Had she been a nondocumented worker, it might have been a different scenario but she is a verified PHILIPPINE PASSPORT HOLDER recruited by a registered recruitment agency. And now she is being denied her right to be heard. SHE DESERVES TO BE HELPED ASAP! Her employer is no longer feeding her and she is forced to work longer hours. This is inhumane! This is an outrage!

This is why we are calling out these entities:

PHILIPPINE EMBASSY in RIYADH. Do something and do it quick! It’s been eleven days since Ms. Bodiongan posted her plight via social media – who knows how she is doing right now? Send a liaison officer to check on her and get her help quickly! Do your job and do it right!

AROUND THE WORLD RECRUITMENT OFFICE. Send someone to the address and verify and get her out of there quickly. Coordinate with the Philippine Embassy to see this right. You are responsible for her welfare while she is at her employer. See to it that she gets treated properly.

RamAsia International Manpower Services Inc. Coordinate with your counterpart’s liaison officer to get your recruit out of her present situation. You promised her a good employer, you promised her a good salary but have you done anything to check on her right now?

For everyone else, let us not stop until Ms. Bodiongan is rescued and helped to get out of her present situation Let us clamor so that her employer gets punished according to the local laws of Saudi Arabia. Let us give her a voice in her time of need!

For additional information take a look at her post here: