Netizens to Chezka Bautista: Video don’t lie


In a video that is quickly going viral, it shows how far some irresponsible motorcycle riders are giving their counterparts a bad name as they’re shown trying to bend the rules so that they would appear to be the oppressed whereas in fact they are the offending parties. It also shows the maximum tolerance and the humanity of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority traffic enforcers who were tasked to apprehend them. This simply shows that MMDA enforcers are putting their lives on the line to give us the best roads in the metro today.

Perhaps more surprising in the video is that the cussing and the violence did not come from the enforcers as is the usual belief of the people. The oppressor in this case clearly is the angelic faced woman (later identified as Fb user Chezka Bautista, apparently a CSR from Alorica) who surprisingly has a foul mouth and an aggressive nature that can be described as borderline murderous. Such things coming out from her seem to be unexpected. From such a petite woman, it was pretty surprising how she wanted to scratch and claw at the guy who was well within his rights to record the apprehension. It was also surprising how the MMDA enforcer despite being threatened with bodily harm restrained himself from touching and even laying a finger on the woman. In fact, he was the one who was verbally abused and physically harmed by the woman.

While it may seem to be laughable how such a big strong guy would shy away from absorbing contact from such a small woman, it only shows that there is some semblance of truth that there is maximum tolerance being implemented in the apprehension of traffic violators. In the beginning of the video, another MMDA officer was pretty adamant and pretty serious as to how he was explaining the rules to the offenders. He was just doing his job and he had been lenient in apprehending the two. Previously, the two people were apprehended twice and were warned for not using their helmets properly. The first two times, they were let go and let go easily but on the third time they were reported, and being so openly disrespectful and disregarding of the courtesy that was extended them in the first place, the MMDA enforcers no longer had any recourse but to do their jobs.

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From the looks of it, the MMDA personnel did their job by the book. They approached courteously but were met with apprehension and elevated aggression levels. Bautista was clearly pissed off and possibly ticked off by the previous encounters. The point is, the MMDA enforcers were simply doing their jobs – they were trying to ensure that people would be wearing their helmets properly. While the insistence of the MMDA enforcers may have triggered the reaction, they were simply doing their jobs. Going through social media to make it appear as if they were targeted for no particular reason is quite laughable because the video evidence doesn’t lie. In this case, Bautista’s seeming disregard for the rules is quite indicative of her apathetic outlook to life. She may be a pretty face but she does need to do some soul-searching and get her priorities straightened out.