Netizens angry over expensive Barangay Clearance worth P515 in Cebu City

How much is your Barangay Clearance fee? In Barangay Quiout, it's P515?


Netizens expressed their anger over expensive Barangay Clearance worth P515 in Barangay Quiout in Cebu City. The clearance was said a requirement for getting a passport.

The photo of a barangay clearance has been inundated with hundreds of comments left by Filipino netizens venting their anger at the alleged overcharge by the barangay officials in giving a clearance to its resident who wants to get a Philippine passport.

In a post by Laarni Joy Cabo Napigkit‎, she asks if the fee for barangay clearance is right. Netizens then responded that the fees of getting a clearance in their barangays only range from free to P100 pesos, depending on the purposes of the clearance.

Netizens angry over expensive Barangay Clearance worth P515 in Cebu City

Other netizens commented that the fee for the barangay clearance was too expensive. Others said that the fee was more expensive than the police or NBI clearance.

Other commenters argued that the barangay clearance is used to get business permit that is why the fee is P515, but photo shows that the recipient of the clearance is an 11-year old resident. Even the official receipt of the relative of Mizzie Polancos named Milbie Polancos shows that the sole purpose of getting barangay clearance was to get a passport.

OR for Barangay Clearance - Passport in Barangay Quiot, Cebu City

A Facebook user commented that the fee is really right since P15 is for the barangay clearance while P500 is for the barangay chairman.

How about you? How much is your barangay clearance fee?