Netizen shares crappiest White Palace Spa experience

White Palace Spa Experience

A certain netizen named Rocel Santos had a bad customer service experience with White Palace Spa in Sucat, Parañaque branch.

White Palace Spa Experience
White Palace Spa reception hall (Photo courtesy of Turista Trails)

She thought of sharing it with her friends and relatives as a means to help learn what the staff should not do when a customer/client is dissatisfied. She also warned them to never go to such spa to avoid crappiest spa experience.

Rocel recalled that some masseuses made snide remarks and laughed boisterously in agreement after seeing her father and her huge male cousin.

Before going to the spa with her family and other relatives, she said that she had read many good things about the spa in its Facebook page, but none of them had yet been to. The service was off to a rocky start as the staff were not prepared when they entered the spa establishment. But they tried to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Read the full post of Rocel Santos below:

WHITE PALACE SPA-SUCAT: Crappiest spa ever!

I don’t know if the reviews and awards posted on your Facebook account are true, but my family’s experience at White Palace Spa-SUCAT branch on Feb. 24, 2015 was downright HORRENDOUS! Certainly not recommending and will never go back either!!

Being in SM Sucat and being impressed by your FB posts, I decided to bring my family to your spa to test your claims. We don’t expect it to be at par with our suking spa since your prices are almost half of what they charge but we didn’t expect to be treated with DISRESPECT and LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM.

You see, we called at 6pm to book us for 830pm after the movie we were to see (my sister spoke to a “Mafe,” who we later found out to be the receptionist/manager).

We reached there in time for our appointment, to see that you haven’t prepared for us and only started to do so when we arrived. Sure we can let that pass, but what made my blood boil was seeing some of the staff looking over my family waiting at the reception area and saying, “ay, parang nakakatakot naman yan..” “natatakot ako jan.” I don’t know if the female staffs were intimidated by my father and my huge male cousin, yet I don’t think its appropriate for spa staff to ogle their customers, make snide remarks, then laugh boisterously in agreement.

Apparently they weren’t aware I was there, coming out from the restroom and hearing all the crap they were saying. When they finally saw me, the staff stopped laughing and slowly dispersed, while the female staff leading the “merriment” said “ay” in shock then shut up.

Even with this, I kept quiet and proceeded with the massage because I really wanted to see if they were as great as they say. Turns out it was all a joke. On our way home, my family shared our experiences. Two of the slippers they gave us were wet, some of the bedsheet were torn, and SOMEONE sleeping on the massage tables had to be woken up to accomodate my parents. The signature massage for the five of us were different, and the strokes of the masseuses felt like they didn’t really know what they were doing. They also have these long water or toilet breaks in between the massage itself (all five of us had the same experience), cheating the clients with their precious PAID massage time. If that wasn’t enough, there’s no foot soak or anything to clean the feet at the start, yet they have the nerve to massage your face later on with the same hands. For a business excellence awardee, your Sucat spa is just incredibly GROSS and INCOMPETENT!

The final straw for me was hearing the spa staff laughing together in a room immediately after servicing us. IT IS NOT COOL. We did not pay to be ridiculed, no matter how we look like. And your female staff didn’t have to worry about being taken advantage of in any way by my father and cousin; we’ve been doing spas for a long time and your girls are not even that pretty enough. Remember, your salary comes from us customers. No customer, no work for you.

Please share to others so they won’t get fooled..