MUST WATCH: Exclusive Entrance for OFWs at NAIA Terminal 3

Netizens expressed their reactions about the government for the OFWs.


Change has come to one of the worst airports of the world, at least for the OFW experience.

Long lines are over for OFWs can now enjoy the exclusive entrance at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3.

They used to line up with other travelers for a long time, especially during the peak season at the regular entrance.

This change is all thanks to President Duterte’s administration, along with Secretary Bello, Secretary Tugade and NAIA Officials.

Duterte does really care for OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers, also regarded as modern day heroes of the Philippines. Slowly, he is living up to his promise of making their concerns his top labor priority, one of which is the stressful long queues at the airport.

Of course, netizens expressed their reactions about the government for the OFWs.

They can’t help but compare Duterte’s effort to the previous administrations.

Normal as it is, some are still able to criticize the good news.

This is a bit misleading. Take a picture of it in real time and see if this is anything close to being convenient to OFW because as a matter of fact, the bulk of the passengers would be OFW.

If there is any consolation here, it is the tourist that will have a walk in the park because there is a few of them.

Although I am not complaining, this is still a step in a good direction but it’s more than the long cue, it should be quicker service. Last time a went out of the country around September this year, it still took me more than 2 hours to check in my luggage. The bottleneck would still at the airlines check in counters. They should provide more esp those routes that have huge OFW outflow.

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