Miracle Baby declared dead wakes up at morgue

General Santos Miracle Baby

Fifteen hours after a critically ill baby boy in General Santos City was pronounced dead at a hospital, he was sent to a morgue to be embalmed. But an enforcer at the morgue was shocked at what happened next.

General Santos Miracle Baby

PO3 Jepson Corsit said he was the one who heard the baby crying inside the morgue, a report from ABS-CBN News has stated.

The doctor of the baby at the General Santos Doctors Hospital told ABS-CBN the baby had no heartbeat and was no longer breathing when brought to the hospital. The baby was successfully revived and put him under intubation.

The two-week-old baby was being treated at the said hospital since July 20 when his condition worsened significantly and the hospital bill reached to P100,000.

According to sources at the hospital, the boy’s parents had agreed to end his medical treatment last Friday and was brought to morgue at 5 p.m., thinking that the latter’s condition will no longer improve. However, the doctor clarified he did pronounce the baby dead.

But when PO3 Jepson Corsit heard cries and screams coming from the morgue Friday, he immediately opened the room and took off the cloth from the infant for him to breath.

The baby was then rushed to the hospital and is now in stable condition.