Meet the most expensive fish in PH at P5,000 a kilo

Ludong - Most Expensive Fish in Philippines

At P5,000 per kilogram, would you have the elusive ludong, the most expensive fish in the Philippines, cooked in curry?

Ludong - Most Expensive Fish in Philippines

Commonly known as “ludong” or “President’s fish“, Pacific salmon is rare and difficult to catch for its expensive price tag as well as its delicious meat.

Imagine paying at least Php3,000 for a dish of a slice of steamed or curry ludong fish. Ah, but this is not just any fish. It’s called the “President’s fish”, known for its unique taste and peculiar aroma when cooked. According to Bureau of Agricultural research, Ludong fish’s unique taste makes it one of the most sought-after ingredients in making delicious dishes.

Sources said it is highly prized for its sweet, tender flesh and smooth texture. It is also an elusive fish and this goes to explain why the ludong can fetch between at least P5,000 a kilo, while in restaurants it is served at a hefty price tag of up to Php2,000 or more.

This best tasting and most expensive fish can be found in Cagayan, and other nearby provinces and it is locally known as ludong fishbanak or ludong (Cestraeus plicatilis). The fish are migratory, travel downstream near the salt water to lay eggs and then return upstream.

Considered as endangered species, a penaly of P80,000 will be imposed to those who catch the President’s fish during October to November, the fish spawning season, according to BFAR.