Malcolm Conlan Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Singapore Goes Viral

Malcolm Conlan

An open letter from Malcolm Conlan to Prime Minister of Singapore, His Excellency Lee Hsien Loong has gone viral online. The open letter is addressed to an article entitled “Filipino Infestation in Singapore“, which was posted on “Blood Stained Singapore” blog.

Malcolm Conlan

The blog post, which talked about a “5-point guide to showing displeasure to Filipinos without breaking the law”, has caught the attention and angered many Filipino netizens worldwide as it is believed to be highly racist.

Below is the open letter from Malcolm Conlan.

An open letter to the Prime Minister of Singapore, His Excellency Lee_Hsien_Loong

Dear Sir,

I never dreamt for one moment that I would ever feel the need to write another letter to anybody in Singapore about racism, in fact I am very reluctant to do so.

However as a British man living in the UK married to a filipina, I believe it is my absolute duty to challenge any form of racism or discrimination directed towards the Filipino people.

Earlier this morning, my attention was drawn to a blog currently circulating the internet, it appears to take the form of a 5-point guide to instruct the Singaporean people on how to show displeasure at the ‘Filipino infestation’ the author believes is happening right now in your country.

Sir, I have never been to Singapore, I am not aware of the culture of the country and to be honest, as this is the second example of blatant racism coming out of your country which I have encountered, I would not wish to really do so.

Having visited the Philippines on more than thirty occasions and being married to a Filipina, as well as working with Filipinos and engaging with them for over twenty years, I believe I am qualified to give my opinion. The overwhelming majority of the Filipino people are a hard working, caring, friendly, happy people who wish no harm to any other people or nation.

I am sure you are aware that there are an estimated ten million OFW’s or Overseas Filipino Workers around the world. These workers are employed in the caring sector as nurses, doctors, healthcare workers, radiologists and the list goes on. In customer facing roles in hotels, airports, the airline industry. As engineers, pilots, cabin crew as well as in many other professions worldwide.

I note this grave concern that this blogger seems to want to drive Filipino’s out of your country through this campaign of hate. I am not aware of the laws on discrimination in Singapore, however I do not believe that blogs like this give the Singaporean people a good image, I seek your further reassurance that the Filipino people are not subject to any form of discrimination whilst working in your country.

Thank you Sir for taking the time to read this letter.

Best regards

Malcolm Conlan