Lady Drops P600, Gets iPhone 5C, iPad Mini, Red Tour Tickets, etc

Lady Drops P600 - Spinnr Philippines

A lady who dropped P600 into a transparent box that sat in the middle of Alabang Town Center mall in Muntinlupa City was experiencing one surprise after another.

Lady Drops P600 - Spinnr Philippines

The lady thought the strange box, with next to it was a sign that said “Drop P600″ together with an arrow that pointed towards the transparent box, is for cancer charity. But after dropping P600 amazing things happened to her. She got awesome rewards and bigger rewards.

SPINNR, the company behind the surprise event, gave the lady iPhone 5C, an iPad Mini, speakers, a year-long Spinnr subscription, and tickets to Taylor Swift’s The Red Tour, the most-awaited and already sold out concert of the year. Plus she also received a cake and dancing from SPINNR accomplices.

When in Manila revealed that for most of the day, people ignored the sign as it seemed like an unfinished mall booth that would promise no more than having P600 less in your wallet.

It took hours to meet a brave soul who went up and dropped P600 in the box. When in Manila also revealed that the girl had an accomplice, a boyfriend who gave her P600 to donate into the box, not expecting anything in return.

Spinnr Philippines uploaded its official promo video with caption “We placed a random empty box in the middle of the mall with a ridiculous request of dropping P600 with no reason. We waited for someone to take a risk and drop P600.. and you will be shocked at what happens next… Watch to find out!”