ISIS supporters behead Pinoy hostage?

ISIS Supporters Behead Pinoy Hostage

A video about Sunni extremist group ISIS supporters allegedly beheading Pinoy hostage is going viral on social media sites.

ISIS Supporters Behead Pinoy Hostage

It turns out the viral beheading of Pinoy hostage from this week is, in fact, a prank video.

The beheading prank video begins with one man kneeling between two masked persons holding weapons. One is holding a rifle while the other is holding a gun.

The viral video showed a caption saying “ISIS supporters behead Pinoy hostage” and a logo of CNN.

The video continued with the two masked men allegedly firing the hostage with their weapons and ended with a funny dance number by the three persons involved.

Video from the scene shows an unfinished road construction site purportedly from a tropical place, unlike the videos released by ISIS group where they took the video coverage in a desert, the newest one is with Japanese hostages. The two Japanese hostages, one a freelance journalist and the other a soldier for hire, were threatened with beheading in an online video.

The identities of the three persons in the video were not known. A lot of netizens were not happy about their intention. A comment from Lolit Ching Pagkatipunan called the video rubbish and stupid. “Beheading is not a laughing matter,” she said.

Others have same idea and commented that it’s not funny to make fun to those people who were in that kind of situation.

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