His Blockmate Called Him Dumb in Front of the Class and His Success Story Happened

Read the inspiring story behind the CEO and founder of Mont Albo Massage Spa.

Dumb - Nol Montalbo
Nol Montalbo holding his trophy with so much pride. He got the UP Los Baños’ Distinguished Alumni Award 2016. (Photo courtesy of Nol Montalbo Facebook)

Meet Nol Montalbo. He bagged the Distinguished Alumni Award 2016 in University of the Philippines Los Baños and gave a very inspiring speech which he shared in his Facebook account.

But before this success story unfolded, his blockmate has called him ‘BOBO’ or stupid in front of his whole class.

He was humiliated but also admitted in the post that he was never diligent in his studies. Irresponsible. Lazy. A Failure.

Noong freshman, ako na siguro ang pinakatamad at walang kwenta sa block 22 BS Biology batch ’96. Late ako pumasok, nangongopya ng assignments, delayed ang submission ng projects, palpak ang exams at kung ano ano pa. Inaaway nga ako ng blockmates ko dahil wala akong gana mag-aral. Ayaw nila ako maging ka-group sa projects kasi alam nilang zero contribution ako. Feeling ko nga dati, hindi ako tatagal sa UP at sooner or later, ma-kick-out ako. Basta first 2 semesters ko, waley, said Nol Montalbo.

“When I was a freshman, I must have been the laziest and useless in block 22 BS Biology batch ’96. I went to school late, copy other’s assignments, delayed in projects’ submissions, failed during exams and others. My blockmates used to fight with me because I don’t have the desire to study. They don’t want me to become their groupmates in projects because they knew I am ‘zero contribution.’ I thought before, I wouldn’t last in UP and sooner or later, I would be kicked out. My first 2 semesters were failure.”

That’s why, Montalbo was pissed at his blockmate for calling him ‘stupid’ because just like his blockmate, he is also one of the best students in the country.

The word ‘stupid’ rang into his head and pushed him to transform into the best version of himself.

He joined 5 student organizations while working at Wendy’s. He became the lead role in several theater performances. He was also awarded Best Thesis by 5 institutions. He graduated with flying colors too – as Cum Laude within 3 and a half years only.

Truly, he learned to use wrong words as a weapon to shoot for success.

Aside from this latest award, he also took home Injap Sia Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award 2016 for NCR and Agora Awardee Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship 2015.

Now, Nol Montalbo is the founder and CEO of Mont Albo Wellness Corporation and the proprietor of MontSapo Enterprise.

Read Nol’s inspiring story here.

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