Goat gives birth to human like baby in Ilocos Norte

Human like baby goat in Ilocos Norte

A goat in Barangay Saud in Badoc, Ilocos Norte has given birth to a kid on Thursday, Nov. 12 with a striking resemblance to a human face.

Human like baby goat in Ilocos Norte
Photo credit: Denis Agcaoili, ABS-CBN News North Luzon

The incident became talk of the town instantly.

Nearly 60 per cent of the features are human-like. The eyes, nose and mouth resemble a human baby. Even some parts of the kid are like that of a human. Ears, foot, and some parts were those of a goat.

The owner of the goat, Dennis Cariaga said he hoped that the goat would survive since it would have been his first strange-looking pet.

His house is drawing crowds by the hundreds. Some felt it is an isolated case, while some others feared that the birth of such goats would bring a bad omen.

“The goat lived only for 30 minutes,” he added.

Dennis had been expectantly waiting all week for his prized ewe to give birth.

But he had a nasty shock when saw the human-like creature as he was hoping to raise the kid.

Some Facebook users speculated that somebody had been having sex with the mother of the human-goat, but others had strongly refuted the claims.