Fatima College Criminology Students Punch Female Bus Passengers

Everything you need to know about Fatima College criminology students punching female bus passengers scandal.


With over 657K Views and 14,873 shares, a video footage of two criminology students of Our Lady of Fatima University College of Criminology punching female bus passengers went viral.

The viral video features a girl shouting “Tama Na!” multiple times as she begged the male passengers to stop punching her friend.

The root cause of the bus altercation is unidentified but a girl is heard in the video saying “Nag-bad finger ka sakin, babae ako e.”

Some sources on Facebook testified that the group of female passengers, along with Botona, took a selfie inside the moving bus. When they checked their photo, they were pissed off because one of the male passengers seated at the back ruined their photo by showing a dirty finger in the background.

But Facebook Czarina Isabel Botona who originally posted the video released a statement in a post.

She also claimed that the suspects bragged that they were bringing a gun, that’s why fellow passengers and even the bus conductor was not able to rescue them.

Another Side of the Story

It seems like not all netizens sympathized with the victims. This photo comment claims that the female passengers were laughing out loud while taking selfies and were inconsiderate of other resting passengers. When one of the women found out the shocking dirty finger on her photos, she allegedly hit the criminology student first while bursting in anger. The criminology student apologized but the women continued to humiliate them and also threatened to hit them again. That has sparked rage from the students and punched the women.


The complainant released the identity of the Fatima criminology students who attacked them as Ryan Rycel Canillas and Joshua Aguirre along with the screenshots of their Facebook profiles.

Botona was infuriated to find out that the two suspects had deactivated their Facebook accounts.

Netizens Take

The viral video prompted social media users to share their two cents online.

One questioned if this is the new normal in the country.

Another was worried of the future Philippine police officers.

One of the few citizens who wanted the suspects to be more known to public also posted this.

After learning about the other side of the story, this netizen was disappointed of the twisted truth.

Since the school administration of Our Lady of Fatima University – College of Criminology has yet to give a word on the scandal, some netizens demanded action through their Facebook page.

If the suspects want to display the middle finger in public, they better be Mr. Bean.

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