Curious Onlooker Takes Social Media by Storm


In a social media post uploaded by April Jhoy Pecson, a video showing a police apprehension of suspected carnappers in a busy intersection somewhere in Olongapo City took a less serious mien as the tension-filled encounter got riddled by a smash-mouth, foul-mouthed onlooker’s comments. The unidentified woman, whom a lot of social media commenters dubbed as a palengkera, level 9999 chismosa, spewed forth hilarious comments that a lot of people seem to be able to relate to.

Ba’t ayaw pang lagyan ng posas? antagal!

We do not know whether she is actually after the welfare of the apprehending cops or the welfare of the persons being apprehended who were down on the concrete road at the time but her comment was epic. She probably has seen a lot of action flicks where the policemen would immediately subdue the criminals and spew forth some one-liners s they are being Mirandized. Here’s to knowing she’s waiting for someone from the police force to say something smart.

Wag ka muna dumaan, di namin makita!

A passenger jeepney driver deigned to block her view of the apprehension activity and she actually gets quite furious! DO NOT BLOCK HER VIEW OF THE ACTION! She doesn’t want to miss a second of the apprehension becuae it is the highlight of her day! She doesn’t want to miss even a little bit of the happening. It’s quite exciting for her to witness a real life apprehension on her street corner. Heaven is the word.

Ay wala kasing plate number! May baril!

Here she is justifying the reason for the police operation. Any vehicle that has no plate number showing is an immediate reason for her to suspect that the car has been jacked from victims and the mere thought of them having a gun excites her no end. (Even if it really didn’t show in the video, she still utters these immortal words). Matic na teh?

Wag n’yong patayin. Wag, wag!

Patayin agad? Grabe na teh, not in broad daylight! Not in front of so many people, especially not in front of one of the most visited places in Olongapo! My Gahd! Que horror! This would not do!

Her seeming panic at the thought that they’d be shot at in full view of curious bystanders and onlookers is quite epic, dontchathink?!

Ay nakita na yung mukha, taga Olongapo ata!

Di ba teh, nasa Olongapo nga tayo? Malamang taga-Gapo yang mahuhuli? Or is she just being judgmental? Hard to tell with her as she has been swiveling back and forth. Di na naming malaman kung ano ang train of thought ni ate.

Lumalaban pa o. [email protected]!na mo patay ka mamaya.

Oh well. She sees one of the captives refusing to go peacefully into the cold back seat of the police mobile and she immediately executes him. Well…it is human nature after all to expect such things when you struggle against authority. Is she asking for one of the patented nang-agaw ng baril ng pulis scenarios to unfold in front of her?

Ang yabang ni Sarge o!

Probably the best one-liner in the video post. She turns her head and sees one of the members of Olongapo’s finest standing nonchalantly on the pedestrian crossing seemingly unmindful of the activity and the traffic passing him by. And she goes full on admiring the guy!

The unidentified woman would have been irate if she found out right there and then that everything she saw unfolding right before her eyes was simply a police simulation exercise to keep the Olongapo Police Force on their toes and sharp to keep them safe from any harm. It would have ruined her day totally because the action is truly one of the highlights of her day. However, she did nearly break the net (yeah, she wishes) with her brash commentaries as the scene unfolded.