Cherish Sharmaine Interior, who slapped an old taxi driver, issues apology


Cherish Sharmaine Interior, the motorist woman who slapped an old taxi driver at the Congressional Avenue in Quezon City, has issued an apology.

In her Facebook post on Monday, Cherish Sharmaine Interior says sorry to public and to the old driver she slapped in a road altercation on Sunday.

Her apology reads:

Hi. I’m Cherish Sharmaine Interior. I’ve been reading some posts about me. Some pages have also been created that pretends to be mine but I would like to speak out.

First of all, I am sorry. It was just caused by my short temper. I have a problem on anger management and please understand my situation.

Second of all, I am not always like this. My friends and relatives know the real me. I deeply regret what happened. I got the name of the driver and I’m more than willing to reach out to him.

Third, that fb page under my name is not mine. I won’t post photos of myself and my bf especially that we are hated by the social media public today. That page is created to incite more hate on me and my bf. It just needs your likes and hate. This is the reason why I needed to deactivate my main Facebook account and use my spare account to protect my loved ones since they have their infos and photos on my original account.

Fourth, please spare my company and my relatives! Call me vile things, assassinate my character, I deserve that. But please spare my company, officemates and relatives.

A video originally posted by Joshua Baluyot went viral with more than 10 million views, shows Interior squashing taxi’s side mirror and hitting the driver.