Bagito scandal part 5 video hits web

Bagito Scandal Part 5 Video

Another day, another ‘bagito scandal’ for people to lose their minds over. Netizens are now swarming the social media sites to look for a ‘bagito scandal part 5’ video apparently showing teens involved in an apparent sex act that have been shared repeatedly on Facebook.

Bagito Scandal Part 5 Video

Facebook users were alerted about the video and contacted others because the video was believed to have been taken by the boy himself.

Sources said that the video was posted on Monday, March 2, and is now available on a Facebook page. As of press time, the scandalous video already earned more than 6,000 likes, 8,000 shares and more than a couple of hundreds of thousand views.

Although the country has penalties for those who are charged with distributing child pornography, this admonition hasn’t stopped ‘bagitos’ and ‘bagitas’ from sharing the video on Facebook. Nor has it stopped them from making offensive comments about their sex act.

The boy, who allegedly produced the video, possessed or shared it, could possibly face criminal charges because they were underage when they took a video of them doing lewd act.

Sources said the video, which is 7 minutes and 7 seconds long, has drawn numerous comments as they have been shared on social media.