Baby Born with 2 Penises, 2 Sets of Scrotum, 2 Anuses

Baby with 2 Penises

The child with unknown name was born with 2 penises. Photo of the child has now gone viral online on social media site Facebook.

Baby with 2 Penises

The said photo was posted by Esther Dela Cruz Agmata on her Facebook wall on December 2, 2014 and has now more than 350,000 likes, more than 33,000 shares, and 330,000 comments as of press time.

The photo shows a child with 2 penises, 2 sets of scrotum, and 2 anuses.

It was not known if the child has undergone hours of complicated surgery. Case like this should undergo the length of operation to join the two penises.

The more complicated part is that the child has also 2 sets of scrotum, and 2 anuses.

Moreover, there was no update yet if the baby is now in good health and underwent surgery a complete success.