Abandoned sick grandma in Biliran Island rescued (Viral)

Sick Grandma in Biliran Island

A family man named Jay Jie Bendecio is being hailed a hero by netizens for selflessly saving abandoned sick grandma in Biliran Island.

The elderly grandma who was found abandoned in pathetic condition in her house by Jay has a skeletal body, little clothes on and could barely speak.

Netizens feel that the sick grandma may die of starvation or lung disease if not given proper food or treated of her illness.

Sick Grandma in Biliran Island

Bendecio narrated that he discovered the elderly woman last Monday, December 22. He said that the woman, who sought help, was on the ground when he rescued. Jay then bought bread and gave it to the woman. He also asked his neighbors to spare some cooked cassava.

Jay then took to social media to seek help from the netizens who want to extend help to save the elderly.

Jay Jie Bendecio Photo

Heartbreaking Video of the Elderly Woman

After three hours of his first post about the situation of the elderly woman, Jay uploaded a heartbreaking video of the woman who is now seen eating a bread while lying on her bed. In the video, Jay is seen transferring a Royal Tru-Orange softdrink to an empty mineral water container. [Note: Coca-Cola softdrink bottle needs to be returned after consuming the liquid product. That’s why Jay transferred the softdrink to the empty mineral water container. Also note that in the rural areas, Royal Tru-Orange is believed by many to cure hunger, thirst and illnesses. This is the answer to the several netizens’ queries why did Jay give the elderly woman the said softdrink.]

Grandma Asks Help in the Video

In the following video, grandma is asking for any help from anybody. She is begging for any food and medicine. The elderly woman could barely sit, as seen in the previous video.

Jay’s Mother Touched, Help Caring Grandma

After learning the situation of the elderly woman, Jay’s mother extended help in caring the grandma by feeding, and cleaning her.

Grandma Fell on the Ground

The elderly woman has had to be rescued from a fall while she was lying on her bed. She is seen in the video with her legs on the bed while her head on the ground.

The woman was trapped in the wall made of coconut leaves for an unknown length of time before Jay came up.

Jay raced to the side of the house and worked frantically to rescue her.

Outpour of Support, and Donations Came

After the videos of Jay about the elderly woman went viral online, several have offered and raised funding to help with the food of the woman.

A certain Loida Frink donated an ample amount of money to buy food and adult diapers for her.

The government of Biliran Island also sent grandma to a general medical checkup and a hospitalization.

Jay Jie Bendecio Photo - Grandma in Hospital Now
Biliran Island sent grandma to a hospital