18-Year-Old Student, Ricjohn Singson, Commits Suicide Over Heartbreak


For all intents and purposes, Ricjohn Singson was the picture of your everyday youth – and not just any kind of youth. He’s the guy every father would love to have his daughter introduce him to. He’s the guy every mother would love to have. He was responsible, he was hardworking, he had been working towards his goal in life. He was at the cusp of so many things in life. And now, he is gone. He is gone much too soon.

Ricjohn succumbed to depression caused by the sudden, unexpected break-up that his long-time girlfriend of four years decided to instigate. A sensitive person, Ricjohn couldn’t believe what happened. He couldn’t believe that his partner would just up and leave him just like that. He couldn’t believe that his girlfriend would just suddenly decide to call off the relationship that they worked hard together since their senior year in high school. And he didn’t and couldn’t believe that the girl would have the temerity to want to introduce the guy she replaced him with to him. In other words, that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back – rubbing it in that there’s someone better than you and making him doubt himself.

The long messages and conversations in social media bear fruit to the despair that Ricjohn felt after the breakup happened. He simply couldn’t let go – he had invested too much of himself on his relationship working with his girl. He had centered his life to the notion that he would be living the live with his girlfriend for years to come. He had believed with all of his being and his heart that everything would be fine. He had reason to believe, he had a reason to live and when that support was yanked, he lost control.

His personality changed. He became paranoid. He became unhinged in his own way. And because he wouldn’t and couldn’t let it go, he succumbed to the dark side of depression. He must have received encouraging talks from his parents, friends and relatives. But he just couldn’t let go and it turned him so morbid. And when he couldn’t go on, he just decided to end it all.

Another one bit the dust and it clearly underscores how widespread depression is among the youth of our country today. Perhaps it is because of their emotional, highly aggressive, devil-may-care, I-am-invincible complex that gives them the self-image that they can do nothing wrong (you know how kids are). The problem is this kind of mentality is susceptible to huge downsides – one pinprick and it all crashes down.

Depression kills and it kills you in so many ways until you choose to just let go and end it all.

Yes, depression kills. TOO Much love will also kill you. Because you lose sight of what is important, you lose sight of the things that matter more. There have been so many posts pertaining to depression and its effects to young people. This is basically a call for help, a call for awareness, a call for action. Let us not let depression win, let us not let people continue their downward spirals so that we can save them from themselves. Let this and so many other episodes of depression-based suicide be a reminder for all of us.