WATCH: Ethel Booba discloses backstory behind “fake” twitter account


MANILA, Philippines – Ethel Booba, on Tuesday, shared on Youtube the strategy of the profile admin behind her fake twitter account. It is to get close to her friends and family relatives and imitate her comedic quirks. However, the comedy eventually delineated to politics.

Booba shared that it is not possible for her to spread anti-Duterte messages. She explained that she is an avid supporter of the current administration. The actress expressed support in its campaign rallies back in 2016, even back in Davao.

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She expressed dismay on the posts that the admin shared in line with the quarantine. The Tweet was persuading people to not donate. It argues that there is already tax money enough to cover for the loss incurred with the COVID-19 crisis.

Currently, she is appealing to this identity to cease all operations and stop defaming her identity. The actress revealed that the user has been contacting followers and sending malicious messages to them.

“Fake” Twitter Account Deactivated

On the meanwhile, she is asking for the understanding of the public to consider her as the victim of this current situation. Booba said she is not the perpetrator of the malicious messages that were spread through the alleged, now deactivated, fake Twitter account.

In the Youtube video, Ethel Booba admitted knowing about this fake account back in 2016. Booba even admitted relaying jokes she wanted to have posted through her friends who have contact with the admin.

At that time, she expressed no concern about this ongoing account because she considered “fake cuneta” a fan who was willing to go the extra mile to curate her twitter feed, later convincing Viva to offer her a book publishing deal.

The actress decided to post the video after several netizens questioned the validity of the actress’ claim on Instagram last April 9. The netizens argued that she knowingly admitted owning the account in a Tonight With Boy Abunda episode.