Ramon Bautista calls Davao City women “hipon”

Ramon Bautista

Popular comedian Ramon Bautista made a remark, “Ang daming hipon dito sa Davao,” during the celebration of the Kadayawan Festival on Saturday.

Ramon Bautista

“Hipon” or shrimp is a colloquial term for a person who is only attractive from the neck down.

Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, who was present during the party, reprimanded Bautista later that night.

Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte has reprimanded the actor later that night and said the comedian’s comments on women in Davao City were “disrespectful and offensive”.

I didn’t let it pass and I talked to this guy to let him know that he disrespected us, especially our women. He was saying sorry and he said he wouldn’t repeat it. He made a public apology during the party and promised he wouldn’t do that again.”

Vice Mayor Duterte was speaking after Ramon Bautista made a joke “Ang daming hipon dito sa Davao,” and led the people in chanting “hipon.”

Bautista later took the stage again to say sorry.

“I’m here in front of you to say my apologies because sinabi ko maraming hipon dito. Nahihiya po ako sa inyo kasi you welcomed me here in your beautiful city,” Bautista said.

GMA News revealed that former Davao City mayor Sara Duterte, for her part, wants the comedian declared “persona non grata” for the incident, calling on councilors to pass a resolution.