Pia Wurtzbach Twitter account deactivated

Pia Wurtzbach Twitter Account Deactivated

On Wednesday (December 23), Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach deactivated her Twitter account leaving thousands of her fans and followers awaiting her comeback.

If one tries to search for the official Twitter account of Pia (@PiaWurtzbach), one will be prompted with the message “@PiaWurtzbach does not exist.”

Pia Wurtzbach Twitter Account Deactivated

However, her personal Instagram and Facebook accounts, are still up online.

Her camp issued no official statement about the reasons of deactivation, but she has 30 days to reactivate it, per Twitter policy.

It was a mixed bag of reactions on Twitter:

Some speculated that Wurtzbach deactivated her account because her tweets about Korean pop group “Super Junior” have resurfaced and went viral moments after she was crowned.

User Jane Cuyos Carry said: “No more Pia wurtzbach twitter account. Haaayst. Is it because of siwon? HAHAHAHA kidding”

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Other Twitter users, per Inquirer.net, said that the account was deactivated to prevent further bashing by Miss Universe fans who were dissatisfied with the result of the pageant.