MMFF 2017 Box Office Results for Opening Day (Rankings)


The MMFF 2017 box office results for opening day (December 25, 2017) are officially released with rankings of the films of the Metro Manila Film Festival 2017.

As a service to the moviegoers susceptible to long lines of movie theaters nationwide, the Metro Manila Development Authority is expected to provide the opening day rankings of the MMFF 2017 films and how they played out at the box office. Bear in mind the special circumstances that undermined some of the eight official entries, and remember that some of these films made their money in numerous large cinemas and not necessarily from small number of theatrical bows.

The eight official entries to the MMFF 2017 are All of You, Gandarrapiddo: The Revenger Squad, Meant to Beh, Ang Panday, Deadma Walking, Haunted Forest, Ang Larawan, and Siargao.

The Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 runs from December 25 until January 7, 2018. Held annually since 1975, the festival exclusively showcases Pinoy films in local cinemas—except in 3D and IMAX theaters.

Opening Day Rankings

According to Asian Film Festivals, there were 3881 screenings on 162 venues of MMFF 2017 films on Day 1 (December 25, 2017). Gandarrapiddo: The Revenger Squad led the screenings chart with 874 screenings (22.52%), followed by Ang Panday with 677 screenings (17.44%). Below is the distribution of screenings by movies.

Distribution by Movies

Gandarrapiddo: The Revenger Squad87422.52
Ang Panday67717.44
Meant to Beh54914.15
All for you51013.14
Haunted Forest49012.63
Deadma Walking3067.88
Ang Larawan2436.26