#MMFF2016: Box Office Results for Opening Day (Rankings)

#MMFF2016 Box Office Opening Day Results

The #MMFF2016 Box Office gross results for the opening day are out. The official Twitter account of Metro Manila Film Festival revealed the four top grossers, namely: “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 2,” “Die Beautiful,” “Seklusyon” and “Vince and Kath and James.”

According to a statement from the MMFF Executive Committee (ExeCom), released on Monday, December 26, the festival has reached its target sales for the first day although it did not release actual box-office figures.

“We have re-assessed and set a new benchmark for this festival,” the statement said, noting that it sees the box-office gross for the first day “as a real bonus as we have already achieved what we started out to in the first place which is the cultural advancement through our Filipino films.”

It continued, “You cannot put a price [on] something which the future generations of Filipinos will find priceless and ageless.”

The other four #MMFF2016 entries are “Kabisera,” “Oro, “Saving Sally,” and “Sunday Beauty Queen.”

This year’s entries were selected based on the following criteria: story, audience appeal and overall impact (40%); cinematic attributes or technical expertise (40%); global appeal (10%); and Filipino sensibility (10%).