Miss Grand International 2017 Finals Live Stream


The battle is on for the Miss Grand International 2017 crown. Seventy-seven of the world’s most beautiful women are taking part in the grand final of the event, being held on the island of Phu Quốc, Vietnam; with all the action being livestreamed.

Each beauty will be gracing the stage at the Vinpearl Convention Center on Wednesday, October 25, 2017.

Miss Grand International 2017 Finals Live Stream

The final coronation night will be broadcast live on Thai Channel 7. The presenters of the final event will be the American-Filipino actor Xian Lim and Filipino model Nicole Cordoves, who was also a finalist in the previous edition of the contest. Channel 7’s live broadcast of the event is the first edition issued in High Definition.

In Vietnam, the host country, the pageant will be broadcast live on Vietnamese-American network Vietface.

Per Miss Grand International committee, the group of 20 quarterfinalists will be announced during the final competition. The preliminary jury will choose the contestants who stand out most during the preliminary stage; candidates who, for the consideration of the organization and staff of Miss Grand International, will also be considered as a good choice to be crowned as the winner, based on their performance during the contest activities and personal appreciation of the members of the organization.

These 20 quarterfinalists will be evaluated by a final Jury: (a) the 20 quarterfinalists will march in a new round in swimsuit, where 10 of them will be chosen as the semifinalists, (b) the ten semifinalists will offer a speech related to peace, at the same time, they will wear a gala dress, (c) a show of the ten semifinalists in evening dress will follow, where five will be chosen as the five finalists, and (d) the remaining five finalists will be put to into a question and answer portion by the final jury; which will determine the final positions and the winner of the Miss Grand International 2017.

The 5th edition of Miss Grand International will be livestreamed online (link embedded below.)