LOOK: Christopher de Leon donates plasma to help COVID-19 patients


MANILA, Philippines – Award-winning actor Christopher de Leon is now free from the novel coronavirus. However, he deemed that his battle is still unfinished. After his negative results for the deadly virus, he vowed to help other COVID-19 patients recover through his plasma.

The said plasma collection was made known to the public through the post of de Leon’s wife, Sandy Andolong. In her Instagram post, it was seen that the actor was with a team of medical personnel from the St. Luke’s Hospital.

In the said photo, de Leon was seated on a chair with medical apparatus attached to him. One of the equipment attached to him was identified as a plasma bag.

“Done. Hubby donates his plasma this afternoon. Thank you to all the doctors and staff of St. Luke’s Global for your help and assistance. All honor and glory to God,” said Andolong in the caption.

The said actor tested positive for the deadly novel coronavirus some time in March. By mid-April, Sandy confirmed that her husband has fully recovered from the virus already. Christopher de Leon, then, vowed to donate plasma in order to help other people who suffered the same condition as him.

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According to the Department of Health, COVID-19 survivors’ bodies have developed antibodies when they were infected. These body substances are found in the liquid substance of the blood, the plasma.

Health agencies have called on survivors to donate blood once they have recovered from the disease. Doctors deemed that the blood extracted are sent for processing in order to extract the antibody-rich plasma.

With the said material, medical personnel can perform transfusions to current patients to boost their immune system and increase their chances of recovery.

COVID-19 survivors may call Philippine General Hospital hotlines to donate blood. They may call Dr. Sandy Magonto at 0917-805-3207 or the PGH Hotline at 155-200.