Korean model Lee Ui Soo reportedly committed suicide


Lee Ui Soo, a South Korean model and a close friend of BTS’s V’s Park Bo Gum, has been reported to have committed suicide, Instiz reports.

ESteem Entertainment, model agency under SM, released a statement regarding the passing of Lee Ui Soo.

Korean model Lee Ui Soo died at age 22

“We also express our sadness and condolences on the sudden news. We’re still in shock over the news. It is true that he died by suicide but we are still trying to figure out the details. The family of Lee Ui Soo expressed their desire to quietly carry out the funeral between family members. Please pray for him.”

According to AllKPop, Lee Ui Soo’s brother also released a statement through his social media account. “My only brother, Ui Soo, passed away on October 6, 2017. I thought he was living and working hard through his modeling and DJing career…he must have been going through very difficult times for him to make such a decision. Even though we will have to investigate further, please pray for him.”

Lee Ui Soo died at the age of 22. He was born on June 10, 1995.

The funeral is set to take place on October 9 at Seoul Memorial Park.