Hayley Atwell: “That’s not accurate”


The actress Hayley Atwell expressed her disappointment after being a victim of allegedly “Fake News” circulating on the top newspapers in the country. This all started when she posted online that she cannot attend the Comic Con Asia in Manila due to the changes in her schedule.


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“Dear Fans in the Philippines, I’m so sorry to be missing the convention in Manila this weekend. I was looking forward to visiting your beautiful country and meeting you all. Unfortunately the changes to my first schedule have made it impossible for me to travel so far at this time. You will hear more about these projects soon and I’m excited to share them when I can. I hope to see you at future conventions soon. Magkaroon ng iang magandang weekend. Love, Hayley.”


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Of course, Filipino fans were sad to hear the news. Meanwhile, the different online news from reputable released a news with a headline stating:

“Hayley Atwell cancels ComiCon Asia appearance due to “political unrest” in Philippines”

This was later on further explained by the actress as she twitted several times:

“@cyambs that’s not accurate. They are not my words. My own statement is coming. Please @do not make assumptions. Thank you”

“@jackstone54 not my words. I’m releasing my own statement. I am clearly better informed than you think.”

“melmarv_23 not my statement…”

But as thorough explanations online circulates, it appears that the official statement released by the Comic Con Asia was the one to be blamed because they were the one who released such statement to the press. Until now, it is not yet clear if this is really what happened and the actress is trying to dig up more information as of the moment.

As of the moment, these online news release are into hotspot due to alleged fake news that they released. More so, Filipino citizens expressed their disappointment regarding the rampant fake news happening recently in the country. Netizens also called out for the attention and of the help of Senator Grace Poe to begin the battle against these happenings. Synonymously, some responded to this plea negatively stating that the Senator would not help in doing such thing because she is also getting the convenience out of that. Whatever the reason was, it is still something negative that makes the Filipino citizens and the country perceived by others negatively.